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A: ‎‎‎‎‎ General Terms and Conditions of Transport
B: ‎‎‎‎‎ Bookings
C: Luggage & Pets Restrictions for Travelling


Any ticket (Passenger Vehicle Owner) or bill of lading ('BL') issued by the National Ferries Company (S.A.O.C.) ('NFC') is evidence of a contract of carriage between NFC and the passenger ('Passenger') or the owner of the vehicle to be transported ('Vehicle Owner'). ‎Any goods to be transported are subject to the general terms and conditions of maritime transport by ferries.‎ A complete listing of all applicable terms and conditions, including terms of tariff, travel and cancellation ('NFC's Terms & Conditions'), is available at NFC’s ticket counters and website www.nfc.om . Passengers and Vehicle transporters acknowledge that when they buy an NFC ticket or receive an NFC BL, respectively, they agree to NFC's Terms & Conditions, and confirm their acceptance thereof.

1- Departures, routes and timetables are subject to modification with prior notice to Passengers.‎

2- Passengers shall confirm their booking (48) forty-eight hours prior to the date of Departure.‎

3- Passengers shall arrive at NFC's Booking Office at least (2) two hours prior to Departure Time specified in their Ticket. Should a Passenger or ‎a Vehicle Owner miss their Departure Time they shall automatically lose their Reservation.

4- Tickets are non-transferable and non-tradable; and carriage shall only be provided to the Passenger or Vehicle named in the Ticket or the BL, respectively. ‎Passengers shall be required to produce appropriate identification which shall include their passport, identity card, or resident card (for expatriates) as required. If a Ticket or BL is used by a person other than the Passenger or the Vehicle Owner whose information is provided therein, then such Ticket or BL shall be null and void.‎

5- Passengers under the age of (16) sixteen shall be be accompanied by a responsible adult. Passengers between 16-17 (sixteen-seventeen) years of age may travel unaccompanied only with written authority from a parent or guardian.‎

6- Any dispute arising from or related to any Passenger, Vehicle or Cargo on board shall be governed by the Maritime Law of Oman and the laws of the Sultanate of Oman. All disputes by a Passenger or Vehicle Owner of any type or nature whatsoever shall be brought exclusively before the competent courts of the Sultanate of Oman.

7- NFC's obligations and responsibilities concerning the transport of persons and goods shall be governed by the Maritime Law of Oman.

8- NFC shall not assume any liability for loss or damage to goods or delay in delivery if: (a) the same is caused by a force majeure event beyond NFC's control; (b) the goods are defective; (c) the same is caused by an error of any third party; or (d) The owner of the goods failed to provide information on the characteristics, nature and value of such goods.

9- Passengers shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the Sultanate of Oman as necessary to travel in and/or out of the country. Passengers shall ensure that they arrive with sufficient time in advance of their trip to perform all necessary requirements and proceedings to get onboard. NFC shall not refund Tickets to Passengers unable to commence/complete their trip due to their own fault.‎ ‎‎‎‎‎

1- Tickets can be bought from the NFC Booking Office ('Booking Office'), the NFC Call Centre ('Call Centre'), online via NFC's website, or through partner travel agencies through payment by cash or a through bank transfer to NFC’s account. NFC reserves the right to refuse transportation, request additional payment, and to cancel and/or void tickets at any time without giving reasons.‎

2- All Tickets have detailed fare rules regulating the validity of Tickets, any changes to travel dates, refund charges and any other Ticket restrictions.

3- NFC shall only issue electronic tickets ('e-tickets') with the Ticket number clearly stated on the e-ticket sent to the customer. Passenger is required to present the Ticket to obtain a boarding card at the Booking Office in order to gain access to the Vessel.

4- Bookings shall be permitted up to at least three (3) hours prior to Departure, after which no booking shall be permitted.

5- Full payment is due at the time NFC confirms Passenger’s booking; and proof of identity of the Passenger or the information of the Vehicle shall be provided.‎

1- Any luggage taken onboard shall conform to following restrictions:‎

(a) A Passenger shall be entitled to carry (30) thirty kg luggage free of charge.‎

(b) Checked bag or suitcase: Total dimensions (i.e. length, width and height) may not exceed (45) forty-five inches (i.e. (115 cm) one hundred fifteen centimeters). Weight may not exceed (30 kg) thirty kilograms.‎

(c) Passengers are permitted to have (2) two additional pieces of carry-on baggage: one (1) briefcase PLUS either one (1) handbag or one (1) garment bag, all subject to the following size and weight limitations:‎ - Briefcase: 20 x 35 x 45 cm - Handbag: 55 x 38 x 20 cm - Garment Bag: 20 cm thick when folded

(d) The combined weight of both pieces may not exceed (7 kg) seven kilograms.‎

2- Luggage shall only be comprised of clothes and personal effects/goods.‎

3- Any dangerous or combustible goods or those listed as dangerous in the International Code of classification of dangerous goods (IMDG code) may not be transported.

4- NFC does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage that may happen as a result of the transport of any animals, movable, precious, or valuable objects.‎

5- Any banned and prohibited materials and goods may be transported ONLY IF authorized by the competent authorities.‎

6- ‎Passengers who wish to transport pets on board shall put them in well-locked, appropriate cages.‎

7- A Passenger travelling with a pet shall declare so at the time of booking and in advance of travel. It is Passenger’s responsibility to provide all necessary documentation and make all arrangements, including, where necessary, quarantine, to satisfy all legal requirements pertaining to pets. Failure to meet such requirement shall prevent such Passenger’s pet from being permitted to travel.