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National Ferries Company S.A.O.C is a significant contributor to the maritime transport infrastructure and development in the Sultanate of Oman. The exceptional challenges of the long coastline of the Sultanate, which is about 3,165 km long, make this ferry service a necessity for the population & tourist alike as it provides vital links between ports and save travelling time. On passage between destinations, passengers get to enjoy the picturesque and majestic coastline of the country by relaxing in the high comfortable seats and first class service onboard.

All NFC’s fast ferries serve passenger and vehicle movements between key ports:

  • Muscat / Khasab (Musandam)
  • Khasab / Lima (Musandam) (currently only passenger and small cargo)
  • Shinas / Khasab (Started from 9th May 2012)

In addition to the scheduled services, exclusive trips are also a key service provided to locals & tourists cruising the waters of Muscat and surrounding majestic coastline. Since the inauguration in 2008, both locals and tourist have enjoyed the unique & excellent services on board our vessels.

NFC Unified Vision:
‘A renowned world class National Carrier for maritime ferry service of people’s choice contributing to Oman’s sustainable development.’

NFC Unified Mission Statement:

‘To connect people by providing unique ferry operations, that puts customer service experience at the forefront. As a team we aim to create value for our stakeholders by maintaining the highest maritime standards.’

NFC Values:

  • Team Work
  • Initiative
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Open and Direct Communication
  • Professionalism
  • Safety
  • Partnership
  • Quality

Current Fleet & Operations of the ferries:

  • Scheduled Services
     o Muscat / Khasab: HSC “Hormuz” & her sister vessel HSC "Shinas", both 65 m, 208 pax and 56 cars ferry, currently provide passenger, vehicle and cargo transportation services four times a week.
     o Khasab / Lima: HSC “Sawqrah”, a 52 m, 100 pax and 22 cars ferry, currently provides passenger and cargo transportation services six times a week.
     o Shinas / Khasab: HSC ‘Al Hallaniyat”, a 52 m, 100 pax and 22 cars ferry, started it service on the 08.08.2013, providing passenger, vehicle and cargo transportation services between the ports.

  • Exclusive & Short Cruises
     o Exclusive trips of short cruise duration are offered on special request for coperate clients, lunch & dinner sailings, private functions, parties, seminars, conferences. These trips can be booked individually and include a multi-variant buffet, non alcoholic drinks and service staff on board during the sailing along the beautiful coast of Oman.

NFC role in Oman’s development:

National Ferries Company looks confidently and positively to the future through the vital development role it plays, in the long term development plan of the country (Oman 2020), especially with the completion of the basic infrastructure development in the ports that the ferries will operate from.
The long term plan for these High Speed Ferries, are to cover and link more than 12 ports nationwide, within the Sea of Oman and Arabian Sea. The near term plans are to develop an international route linking northern Oman ports to regional destination.

  • NFC Corporate Objectives:
     o Contributing to local community development
     o Continuously providing training and education to our employees
     o Commitment to preservation of the environment
     o Connecting Oman’s coastal towns and regional destinations
     o Creating employment opportunities for national
     o Contributing to boost trade, transport and tourism for the country

  • NFC Future Plans:
     o One more fast ferries,  HSC “Masirah” is under construction overseas and they are expected to be delivered end of the year. They will be serving the southern route (Salalah- A’Shwimiyah-Halaniyat- Kasik) and other suitable destinations in the future, after the completion of the port infrastructures in various locations. 
     o Two slower speed passenger & car ferries, which are currently under construction, are meant for operation in central Oman between Shannah and Masirah Island.
        Commencement of the service is planned for start of 2014.